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KulturCafé Gourmet: Fiakergulasch with Emanuel Wernbacher

This year we’ve prepared another interesting thing for you: we will introduce you to the culture and traditions of Austria through cooking in the program called KulturCafe Gourmet! We will do it with the help of an entrepreneur, chef and sincere Austrian Emanuel Wernbacher. The first dish we will prepare will be "Fiakergulash" - a typical type of goulash in Vienna, but to learn more about the origin of this dish, its preparation and proper serving, join the live broadcast. We have recorded the cooking process in advance, but the conversation with the chef will take place live, so prepare your questions. The live viewers will also be able to win prizes from our sponsor - the City of Vienna. When? April 16 at 7:00 p.m. Where? FB-page and YouTube-Channel of the Austrian Cooperation Office in Lviv The language of the event is German with Ukrainian subtitles, there will also be a translation into Ukrainian during the live broadcast.




Emanuel Wernbacher


Austrian Cooperation Office in Lviv

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Master classes


Austrian Cultural Forum in Kiew