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Dear friends of the Austrian Cultural Forum Kyiv!

Dear friends of the Austrian Cooperation Office Lviv!

Unfortunately, with the start of the Russian war against Ukraine on February 24, 2022, we too had to change our plans for the coming months. Many of the planned events and projects have been suspended, some of them we can continue online, and some others will go on unhindered, such as the printing of individual literary translations and scientific publications.

The OeAD cooperation office in Lviv is still available as a contact for inquiries about studying in Austria and, thanks to its employees, is also involved in humanitarian projects
in the Lviv region.

On this website you will also find useful links and information for Ukrainian cultural workers and artists who were driven to Austria by the war.

Hoping for a speedy end to this war!

Your ACF Kyiv and the Cooperation office Lviv



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