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KulturCafe Gourmet: Wine tasting in Carnuntum

In Austria there are many very different wine regions and a range of different grape varieties and wines. Andreas Wenninger visited the Carnuntum wine region south of the Danube in Lower Austria for our broadcast and told us about the ancient Roman city of Carnuntum on the Danube Limes, which was recently added to the list of world cultural heritage. In neighboring Arbesthal he visited the Böheim winery for us and chatted with the winemaker about the production of the wine and the typical varieties from this fertile region between the Danube and Lake Neusiedl. Join our new KulturCafe Gourmet episode to learn more and get the opportunity to win some gifts from our Office. When? September 23 at 7:00 p.m. Where? FB-page and YouTube-Channel of the Austrian Cooperation Office in Lviv. The language of the event is German with Ukrainian Subtitles.




Andreas Wenninger


Austrian Cooperation Office in Lviv

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Austrian Cultural Forum in Kyiv