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Ernst Mach Scholarship – UKRAINE

As a reaction to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the forced flight from the country, there is a need for immediate support for displaced persons as well as for students, graduates and scientists who are already in Austria and who have lost their financial support due to the war.

The special scholarship programme Ernst Mach – Ukraine helps Ukrainian students to continue their studies in Austria. The scholarship is open to Ukrainian students who are already enrolled in a regular study programme at an Austrian higher education institution as well as students, scientists and researchers from Ukraine who wish to continue their studies or projects here.

Target group: students, graduates, postgraduates, postgraduates enrolled in an ongoing doctoral or PhD programme, postdocs, scientists and researchers

Countries of origin: Ukraine (citizenship)

Monthly scholarship:

715 euros per month

Duration of scholarship:

1 to 9 months (extension possible up to 21 months)

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