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Austrian Film Week 2021

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15.07.2021 - 21.07.2021


Kyiv, Zhovten Cinema, 26 Kostiantynivska Street


Raiffeisen Bank Aval, GRAWE Ukraine, Volkswagen Ukraine


Austrian Cultural Forum Kyiv, Arthouse Traffic

Austrian Film Week 2021

The 10th Austrian Film Week Festival will start in Kyiv on July 15th. This annual festival features relevant new and contemporary Austrian films.

This year's anniversary festival will screen 5 feature films. All screenings in Kyiv will take place at the “Zhovten” cinema. Tickets are available under the link. You can find the programme below.

After the opening in Kyiv, the festival will travel to a number of other cities of Ukraine: Odessa (August 30 - September 1, Green Theater), Lviv, Kharkiv, and more. Make sure to follow the news on this website if you do not want to miss screenings in your home city.

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Narcissus and Goldmund

Director Stefan Ruzowitzky, Drama, 2020 ,118', Austria, Germany

As a young man Goldmund is sent away to a monastery to atone for his mother’s sins. Here he meets the novice Narcissus, and a profound friendship begins. A few years later, Narcissus chooses to continue living his life in prayer and meditation whereas Goldmund chooses a path away from the monastery to become an adventurer. A highly dramatic moment brings the two friends together one more time. Based on the novel by Hermann Hesse.

July 15, 19:25, Hall "Hegemon", and July 20, 19:10, Hall "Kinoman", Cinema "Zhovten", 26 Kostiantynivska Street, Kyiv.

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Director Andreas Buciuman, Dominik Bochis, documentary, 2020, 88', Austria

From Austria to Australia by bike: 2 friends … 18.000 km … 19 countries… a route full of hardships, discoveries and challenges as powerful as they are unpredictable... The two Upper Austrian amateur cyclists Andreas and Dominik have a daring plan: They want to ride their bikes from Austria to Australia to explore the world… and the crazy thing is: They actually do it!

July 16, 19:00, hall "Kinoman", cinema "Zhovten".

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The Piano Teacher

Director Michael Haneke, 2001, Drama, 131', Austria, Germany, France

Erica Kohut is a piano teacher at a conservatory in Vienna in her late 30s. She lives with her tyrannical elderly mother, and their love-hate relationship is characterized by mutual dependence and tightly sealed off from the rest of the world. There is no room for men. Erika's only sex life is provided by voyeurism and masochistic self-induced injuries. One of her students decides to seduce her. After a novel by Austrian Nobel Prize winner Elfriede Jelinek.

July 17, 19:00, hall "Hegemon", July 21, 19:00, hall "Kinoman", cinema "Zhovten".

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Fox in a Hole

Director Arman T. Riahi, 2020, Drama,100', Austria

When Fuchs starts his new job as a teacher in a prison school, replacing the old and unconventional teacher Berger against her will, he is forced to confront his biggest fear, triggered by the mysterious, withdrawn inmate Samira.

July 18, 19:10, hall "Kinoman", cinema "Zhovten".

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Crush My Heart

Director Alexandra Makarová, Drama, 2018, 99', Austria

Somewhere in the outskirts of Vienna, gypsy underworld boss Rocky rules his “family” with an iron fist. Among the gang members is teenage street beggar Pepe who must surrender his daily proceeds. One day, young Marcela arrives from East Slovakia, home of the family boss, to work off her father’s debt. Before long, love is in the air between her and Pepe. The trouble is that Rocky has plans of his own for Marcela.

July 19, 19:10, hall "Kinoman", cinema "Zhovten".