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War in Ukraine – Theological, Ethical and Historical Reflections

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13.02.2023 - 17.02.2023


University of Vienna, online


Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Vienna

War in Ukraine - Theological, Ethical and Historical Reflections

Vienna Postgraduate Symposium

The Russian Federation’s war of aggression against Ukraine that escalated in February 2022 have been a matter of intense global concern for almost one year. The war has drawn a lot of public and academic attention to Ukraine, its history, people, culture, churches and religions.

Furthermore, the war has also questioned many assumptions and alleged certainties in theology, ethics, historical studies and related disciplines. The questions that this war raises, will remain issues of debate and attention for a long time. The Faculty of Catholic Theology the University of Vienna therefore wants to discuss them in the symposium.


The symposium wants to align theological research, historical accounts and philosophical-ethical questions with the current situation in Ukraine as well as to reflect on the challenges that go along with the war and its containment.

It aims to create a safe space for analysis and reflection, for the exchange of ideas and knowledge, for inspiring encounters and networking.

Intended audience

The symposium welcomes in particular postgraduate Ukrainian scholars from the fields of Theology, Religious Studies, and History (or related disciplines), who either live in Ukraine or had to leave the country in the past months. Scholars from other countries, who are working on topics related to the current war, are equally invited to participate.

Postgraduate scholars (=junior scientists) include predoctoral researchers (=PhDs) and postdoctoral researchers.

If you are unsure about your fulfillment of this requirement, please contact

Information for interested participants

The majority of presentations will be streamed for registered participants. You can use this form to register for the streamed presentations until February, 12th 2023.

You will receive an email with the webinar link on February, 13th 2023.

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Organizing Team

The symposium is organized by the Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Vienna. The organizing team consists of the members of a working group located at this faculty. The working group is called “KTF4Ukraine”.

Team members are:

Christina Dietl (Liturgical Studies and Sacramental Theology)

Noreen van Elk, Alexandra Palkowitsch (Social Ethics)

Khrystyna Fostyak, Thomas Prügl, Thomas Schulte-Umberg, Christina Traxler (Church History)

Hanna-Maria Mehring (Biblical Studies)

Thomas Németh, Olha Uhryn (Theology and History of the Eastern Churches)