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Ernst Mach Stipendium World Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded to graduates and PhD students for study and research at higher education institutions in Austria in the fields of: medicine, medical sciences, natural sciences, technical sciences, humanities and social sciences, economics, fine arts.


Accident insurance, health insurance and accommodation are paid independently by the scholarship holder:

  • The Austrian Academic Exchange Service (OeADGmbH) offers accommodation (room in a hostel or apartment) with a payment of € 220-470 per month. For the accommodation – € 18 administrative fee;
  • The Austrian Academic Exchange Service can purchase a fellowship for medical and accident insurance through a scholarship. On average, health insurance costs € 55-200 per month.

Requirements for applicants:

  • age under 35;
  • they must not work, study or do research in Austria during the last six months before applying for a scholarship;
  • very good knowledge of German or / and English

Necessary documents:

  • Application form, filled in on-line:, to which should be attached:
  • two letters of recommendation from the applicant’s home university, which must be on the letterhead of the university with signature and seal, not older than 6 months, shall be sent together with the application form);
  • consent to research from a teacher at a host Austrian institution (completed and signed “Betreuungszusage” consent form).
  • scan copy of the first page of the passport (photo and signature pages);
  • scan copy of the diploma of higher education, of scientific degree and qualification;
  • for postgraduate students only: written confirmation of postgraduate studies at their home university;
  • for teachers only: written confirmation of teaching activity at home university.

The deadline for submission of documents is February 1, every year.

Contact person OeAD-GmbH: Mag. Katharina Cepak
More info:,

Monthly scholarship:

€ 1,050 for graduates and € 1,150 for PhDs

Duration of scholarship:

1-9 months

Fellows from non-EU, EFTA or OECD countries may incur additional travel expenses. All fellows are exempt from tuition fees.