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Online seminar with Dr. Oliver Scheibenbogen

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Austrian Cooperation Office


Ukrainian Institute of Addiction Psychotherapy

We invite you to a seminar on "Working with addicted adolescents and children in Austria"

Dr. Oliver Scheibenbogen will talk about his work and experience in launching rehabilitation centers for addicted adolescents and children; about working conditions and methods of work, ie how they work in such centers in Austria (programs, methods, diagnostics, therapy, etc.).

The event will take place on the Zoom platform, admission is free. Those wishing to join, fill out the registration form to access the event. additional info tel. 0677689277 Iryna Primyak

Information about the Expert:

Oliver Scheibenbogen studied psychology at the University of Vienna, where in 2001 he received a master’s degree in science. He graduated from the Clinical and Medical Psychology Curriculum in 2003 and has since been included in the Federal Ministry of Health and Women’s Experts. In 2006 he received a doctorate in psychology from the University of Liechtenstein and Vienna, where he was awarded a doctorate in science.

He works at the Institute. Anton Proksha since 1996, where he heads the department of clinical psychology, creativity and lifestyle. He is also a biofeedback therapist and therapist, a board member of the Austrian Society for Biofeedback and Psychophysiology (ÖBfP). As part of his training as a clinical and medical psychologist, he is a certified lecturer at the Federal Ministry.

2009 – 2014 BRISANT professional (re) integration project manager for patients with addiction disorders immediately after inpatient therapy.

Since 2013, the research coordinator and deputy coordinator of the Academy of the Institute. Anton Proksha.

From 2018, Sigmund Freud, Deputy Head of the Institute of Social Aesthetics and Mental Health at the University of Vienna.