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Sounds of the Prut – Art Residency

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03.09.2020 - 13.09.2020




Grant program of the Harald Binder Cultural Enterprises, Austrian Cultural Forum Kyiv



#SoundsofthePrut Art Residency

A group of Ukrainian, Romanian and Austrian sound artists will work together for 10 days in Chernivtsi and online.

Before sound recordings and studio work the participants met with local experts: researchers of the historical, urban and cultural significance of the river for the urban environment. The residents studied the context of the Prut and created a musical work that will be presented to a wide audience at the end of the project.

The final events of the art residency Sounds of the Prut will take place: On September 12 at 15:00 - Final event of the art residency "Sounds of the Rod" and on September 13 at 12:00 - Discussion "Music residencies in the context of local development"

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Historical Context as Inspiration

Chernivtsi used to belong to four different countries in recent history: Austria-Hungary, Romania, USSR and independent Ukraine. The river was changing its role in the city in each new era: at different times on its banks have been located industrial, infrastructural and recreational objects, creating long-lasting images and narratives for each generation of locals.

However as any river, the Prut doesn’t belong exclusively to one city, it flows further, crossing borders. The project has in mind the metaphorical spectrum of a river being simultaneously a constant flow, a border crosser, a steady contour on a map with moving borders.

The residency creates a space to exchange personal reflections on the history of the region in an international team and uses this process as a source of inspiration.


The composition will be made from field recordings in a genre of experimental electronic music.

The work process combines methods of social sciences (participant observation, interviews, source study), acoustic ecology (soundwalks, field recordings), and art (reimagination on metaphorical level).


Anamaria Pravicencu (Bucharest, Romania)

Anna Khvyl (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Fabian Holzinger aka Abby Lee Tee (Linz, Austria)

Nika Zenova / Diser Tape (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Andriy Kyrychenko (Kyiv, Ukraine)