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RozdIlovI multilingual. Presentation at the Book Arsenal

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Mystetskyi Arsenal, Business scene


Austrian Cultural Forum Kyiv


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RozdIlovI multilingual. Presentation at the Book Arsenal

Light and video installation, interactive website

The starting point of the “RozdIlovi” project was the poetry by Serhii Zhadan. During the performances, which combined poetry, music and video art, the director and performer Olya Mykhailyuk created a live visualization using the authoring technique “action writing”.

The NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION of the project - "RozdIlovI multilingual" - combines dance (LAB ON STAGE / Austria), music (Tomasz Sikora / Poland, Oleksiy Vorsoba / Belarus) and video (Olya Mykhailyuk, Serhiy Pylyavets / Ukraine).

"RozdIlovI multilingual" premieres at Book Arsenal, where the last major screening of the Ukrainian version of the project took place two years ago.

The new work can be heard and seen throughout the festival in the form of an audiovisual installation.

The presentation of the project will take place on June 24th at 7:30 p.m. with the participation of the author of the idea Oli Mykhailyuk, developer of Dmytro Lider, video artist Serhiy Pylyavets (Ukraine) and members of the performance group LAB ON STAGE (Austria). The event will be moderated by Tetyana Rodionova, founder of the Translatorium literature and translation festival.

In the future, "RozdIlovI multilingual" will co-exist with the Ukrainian version on the website. There you can read poems in Polish or Czech, French or Italian, German or English.

The website is an infinitely changing virtual space. Its new manifestation will also be presented at the Book Arsenal.

The project "RozdIlovI multilingual" was realized with the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum Kyiv, the City of Linz, Province of Upper Austria, Kulturverein Damen & Herrenstrasse DH5, Federal Ministry for Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport. The video was made with the participation of the VJ group CUBE.

LAB ON STAGE (Austria)

LAB ON STAGE (Austria) is a group of performers / dancers who deal with "interdisciplinary research about the body, movement, space and objects". They speak of choreographic experiments in which they reveal their attitude towards topics such as identity, gender, consumption, cultural life and politics.

Their works were presented not only in galleries and theaters, but also on the streets and at numerous festivals in Europe, Central and South America.

Andrea Handler, Vienna - choreographer-teacher, dancer; Martina Lorenz, Linz - dancer, choreographer; Adriana Torres Topaga, Linz - artist, designer.